The HealthySole® is the first clinically tested UVC device proven to eliminate harmful microorganisms on the soles of shoes.
This pioneering technology applies the established efficacy of UVC germicidal irradiation to address and eliminate pathogens consistently present on soles of footwear,a regularly ignored yet potent vector of germ transmission.

UVC germicidal irradiation

Healthcare associated infection (HAI) prevention has focused on hand hygiene, hard-surface cleaning protocols, soft-surface exchange and disposal, and judicious use of antibiotics, but aside from regular cleaning of floors and use of booties, little focus has been given pathogen transmission from footwear and floors.

In a recent study, decontamination with UVC technology was shown to reduce colony-forming unit (CFU) counts of relevant pathogenic organisms from shoe soles decreasing colonisation of floors, healthcare equipment, furniture, beds, and a patient dummy1.

Studies2 show hospital floors – in the Operating Room, in the ICU, in Isolation Wards, and even maternity and delivery wards – are reservoirs for the transmission of pathogens. Amirfeyz et al (2007) found that overall, hospital shoe-bottom samples were highly contaminated with potential human pathogens3.

Additionally, clinical evidence has shown that even in a clean patient room, pathogens have been proven to spread from shoes to patient skin within 30 minutes in 96% of clinical simulations1

The HealthySole Plus is the only independently clinically tested UV-C powered germicidal footwear decontamination device available. The system has been independently tested by MicroChem Analytical Laboratories (Round Rock, TX)

The system is proven to significantly decrease shoe sole contamination and significantly decrease floor contamination across both floor types and pathogens2 Demonstrated to destroys pathogens on the underside of footwear, facility-dedicated shoes or boots, and even slip-on clean, disposable booties, In just 8 seconds.

The HealthySole® device comprises of a full Color TFT touch Screen display and a step pad platform with Infra-Red Foot Placement and Four IR Sensors Located in the Base.

The system utilises the proprietary high output, plasma stable UVC lamps, which have patented Plastic Encapsulation Technology™, making them shatter-resistant, self-cleaning, and ETL listed (proof of product compliance to North American safety standards)

HAI and surgical site infections (SSI) prevention remains a daily focus for healthcare facilities, addressing pathogen migration and transfer on the soles of footwear and contaminated floors should not be overlooked. Healthy Sole® provides the solution in strengthening your HAI prevention protocols.

UVC germicidal irradiation

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