Semmelweis Hand in Scan

Features enhanced technology which aims to reduce the spread of harmful pathogens, infectious disease, and bacterial infections, by ensuring the highest standards of hand hygiene practice.

The Semmelweis system is a highly advanced training and quality management toolthat combines photographic scanning technology with intuitive analytic software to improve hand hygiene technique and increase compliance.

The Semmelweis Scanner can effectively

  • Improve hand hygiene technique
  • Support hand hygiene education
  • Ensure adherence through continuous and seamless training

  • Heighten monitoring and auditing capacity of hospitals
  • Help manage risks through statistical analysis and data management

  • Empowers communication between hospital management and departments

Hand Hygiene

The hands are the most common vehicle for the transmission of pathogens and healthcare associated
Infections(World Health Organisation 2019). Patients exposed to healthcare workers and visitors are at risk of acquiring an infection fromcolonised individuals at any time as:

  • a patient may be visited up to 18 times per hour by healthcare workers or visitors1 and
  • at least 27% of these visits involve physical contact1.

Increasing overall awareness of good hand hygiene practices has become essential in recent times, not only for healthcare workers but also for the general public. Ensuringindividuals maintain hand hygiene vigilance is a critical part of minimising the risk of contracting viruses and transmitting harmful pathogens. Ensuring proper hand hygiene protocols and correct technique is necessary to2:

  • protect individuals in care against harmful bacteria carried on the hands or present on the own skin,
  • protect individuals working in hospital, healthcare facilities and clinical environments fromcontamination of harmful bacteria, and
  • protect the wider community and public from harmful infections, viral spread, and outbreak.

Current limitations in healthcare

While currently direct observation is considered the gold standard of hand hygiene monitoring, methodological limitations have yet to be overcome, such as3:

  • high demands on healthcare staff,
  • participant reactivity, and under-sampling

There is currently no way to:

  • Reliably measure hand hygiene accuracy or technique
  • Accurately monitor adherence
  • Effectively ensure continuous practice and training of healthcare workers
  • Incorporate hand hygiene technique up-skilling in daily routines
  • Ensure uniformity of reporting systems, and
  • Improve the rate of variance associated with current practices

The Semmelweis Hand in Scan was developed to address current limitations it is a complete solution system.

Semmelweis Technology

The scanner uses advanced photographic scanning technology to capture images the hands and uses advanced analytical software to assess correct hand hygiene technique to provide an accurate assessment.

Semmelweis Technology   Semmelweis Technology

The system can effectively educate correct technique for both handwashing and hand rub coverage by providing objective feedback based on digital imaging technology. The ability to instantaneously view personal resultsis essential to improving technique and overall competence.

Hand Hygiene Education

Best practice in healthcare is to routinely employ evidence-based objective assessment methods regarding hand hygiene performance.

Ongoing education and identifying missed areas or poor hand hygiene technique is vitally important, effective disinfection of the hands is critical to maximise patient safety.
The unique approach the Semmelweis Scanner provides to practical training helps ensure the highest standards of hand hygiene practices.

How to Hand Rub?

Duration: 20-30 seconds
Apply the product in a cupped hand, covering all surfaces;

Data Management and Reporting

The Semmelweis reporting system is a personalized IT dashboard accessible on any smart device. Providing statistics on hand hygiene performance and progress and multi-level reports that can be customised to individual need.

The Semmelweis system is a pioneering innovation to educate, train, monitor and audit hand hygiene practices and is a great example how technology can induce a positive behavioral change.

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